Ben Cooper Frankenstein Wiggler

I never ran into a Frankenstein, I didn’t like and this past summer at Mego Meet I found one that I didn’t have. I AND I love him! he’s got a magical “Dracula Vs Frankenstein” quality about it. There’s something so special about a generic Frankenstein.   Friend Good! I think it’s funny that he’s specifically […]

Topstone. Not Just another pretty face

Let’s kick off Halloween talking about Topstone shall we?  Topstone started marking masks in the 1950s, I mainly know them for their famous character art. this Wolfman was offered in comic books my entire childhood. The company closed it’s doors in the 1990s and Topstone masks are now highly collectible among passionate collectors. I still […]

Topps Shock Theatre Trading Cards

I’m not a huge gum card guy but Monster cards are an obvious exception that’s why this set of cards sent in by Matt make me smile, I’ll let him explain: Given the fact that the great Christopher Lee passed away this last year, I could think of nothing more fitting than this for my […]

Cousin Eerie Halloween Costume

Well here is something I’ve never seen before, thanks to my buddy Matt for sharing. This is a Ben Cooper Cousin Eerie Halloween costume based of course on the mascot for the Warren magazine Eerie.that ran for nearly 20 years. And it’s a great costume too! Nice mask and smock action here. According to Matt, […]

Godzilla is no Pussycat

Click this link for a bigger view This ad is taken from a Hong Kong trade magazine, showcasing the Imperial Toys Godzilla merchandising blitz. I love stuff like this but I’m kinda mad I never saw that Mecha Godzilla at retail, that would have been soooooo mine. New Pod Stallions this Friday, all about Godzilla! 

Sid & Marty Krofft Halloween Costumes Gallery

One of the biggest influences of my childhood were the Saturday morning programs created by the famed Canadian brothers Sid and Marty Krofft. I don’t think I was alone judging by the amazing variety of Halloween costumes available almost every year of my childhood. Thanks to my pal Dave McKroffterson for sharing his amazing and often […]

Mold-A-Rama Blow Mould Frankensteins

Turning the reins over to my buddy Matt today, who provided not only the photos but the prose as well. Take it away Matt! These are the wonderful, magnificent, Mold-A-Rama Blow Mould Frankensteins. Mold-A-Rama first appeared in the mid-60s, and was a staple of the Museum and Zoo experience for lucky kids in the 60s, […]

Ideal Spider-Man Make up Kit

I have to applaud Ideal Toys for spinning the monster makeup kit concept to Superheroes and not just including Hulk and Spider-Man but the Thing as well as  being smart enough to include She-Hulk and Spider-Woman on the box.