Amsco Marvel World

The Amsco Marvel World Playset is one of the most wonderful pieces of Superhero merch from the 1970s. An expensive collectible now, I think the major reason for it’s appeal is it was comic accurate in an era when it has no business being so. Seriously, Doctor Strange’s Sanctum Sanctorum?

GI Joe Adventure Team Colorforms Set

I’m moving and forced to pack up my toys, every collector’s nightmare! I’m making the best of it and photographing everything before I box it up.  It’s a lot of fun to get reaquainted with some of this stuff, especially this super cool colorforms set of the Super Adventure Team. More after the jump! While […]

Remco Earth Quake Tower

Earth Quake Tower has been mentioned before but it’s a toy so of it’s era and amazing I wanted to bringing it up again. An Irwin Allen movie for the toybox, there is no way in hell this would fly today and $17? What a bargain!

Lego Police!

The Police Headquarters was not only my first Lego set but the toy designated to stay at my Grandmother’s house for when i visited. I had a million fun hours with that thing and even though my kids look at the blank faced figures like they’re caveman tools, so did they.

Topps Shock Theatre Trading Cards

I’m not a huge gum card guy but Monster cards are an obvious exception that’s why this set of cards sent in by Matt make me smile, I’ll let him explain: Given the fact that the great Christopher Lee passed away this last year, I could think of nothing more fitting than this for my […]

Cousin Eerie Halloween Costume

Well here is something I’ve never seen before, thanks to my buddy Matt for sharing. This is a Ben Cooper Cousin Eerie Halloween costume based of course on the mascot for the Warren magazine Eerie.that ran for nearly 20 years. And it’s a great costume too! Nice mask and smock action here. According to Matt, […]

M.A.C. Attack

I found this guy at an antique mall last month, at $20 I acted like I was stealing it and almost ran away. Truth is, as tough as this stuff is to find (especially in a Canadian package) it isn’t really all that in demand.  Part of the problem is that I probably get asked […]

Headquarters for Evel Knievel Action Products

Discovered this in some documents featuring Ideal toys from 1976 that I’ll feature on the site in the very near future, a photo of the different Ideal toys store displays, the belle of the ball being Mr Knievel. The displays for Mousetrap and the Junkyard game are particularly inspired, I miss the days of paintings […]