Plaid Stallions enters the “Terrible Twos”

Plaid Stallions enters the “Terrible Twos”

happy birthday plaidstallions

It’s hard to believe that it’s been two years since I started this blog, primarily to fill the time one afternoon while my baby daughter napped. It’s a strange feeling, it seems like yesterday although I can’t remember a time when this didn’t exist. I had no idea what I was doing when I made my first fashion mockery post (which got a whopping two hits,probably both me) and I had maybe 12-15 department store catalogs in my collection. Since then, it’s grown into something a little bit larger:

Now it’s balooned into the monstrosity you see before you, an burgeoning mass of catalogs, toy store fliers, colouring books, newspapers, Archie digests (I like them, ok!) and more magazines than a man should own.
If I stopped buying catalogs today, I could probably coast on the lot I have for about 12 months but I can’t seem to bring myself to stop buying.
Speaking of which, I made a purchase recently of a catalog I already own, the reason was that I had ripped out one of the pages when I bought it back in 1989. It had to go in my locker you see, it was just too cool, I called the gentlemen in the picture “The Plaid Stallions

the original plaid stallions

Yes indeed, these are the original Stallions, ripped from the pages of a 1974 Eaton’s Catalog, God Bless ’em! Also, to commemorate this occasion (this is not at all a coincidence) I’ve done some new things:

First, I’ve completely revised the Plaidstallions website , I was never really happy with the original design so I cleaned it up and toyed with the format. One thing you will notice is all the videos are gone, I moved them into their own gallery.

I’m also geeked to announce these:

Yep, I ripped off the Megomuseum (they’ll forgive me) and am putting out a couple of Plaidstallions trading cards. The first two are due soon, I have no idea what to do with them, probably give them out through this blog. I have plans for one or two more, maybe a sticker, we’ll see.

So that’s it, I’d like to thank everybody for making the last two years an absolute joy, props to the folks who sent in mall appearance photos, the supportive gang at the museum forums, my webmaster Joe DeRouen, Steve Leach, Rob Chatlin, Scott Adams, Rob Kelly, Ben Holcomb, Amanda Currey, Keene Silfer, Daniel from Action Figure Insider, , Robert Berry from Retrocrush, Sharry, the wonderful myspace gang, Detour magazine, WGN Chicago, Rob at topless robot and my ever supportive wife, Michy.

And giant thanks to all the folks who regularly visit this blog making way more clever comments than I can ever think of, you people make me laugh everyday and make me want to turn on my computer.

As a bonus, a piece I wrote for Topless Robot is up today. It’s an extenson of a blog I wrote here called the 9 ugliest female action figures ever. Enjoy!

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  • r.e.wolf on April 24, 2008

    Having grown up in the 70’s, this blog absolutely makes me laugh with every post! Congrats on entering a new year!

  • JFStan on April 24, 2008

    This blog is the best! Long live the 70’s!

  • rob! on April 24, 2008

    congrats! i love PS and i wants me some PS Trading Cards!

    i might need to rip that idea off too, for one of my blogs.

    re: that photo of the 3 swell guys–i hope she picks Bachelor #2.

    thanks, i’m outta here!

  • chunky B on April 24, 2008

    What are you crazy Rob? Bachelor number 2? Look at the stache on number 1!

    PS rocks, keep up the great work! Thanks for the daily laugh!

  • wurwolf on April 24, 2008

    Hey! It’s these guys!

    Happy birthday and congratulations on hitting the two year mark! A friend of mine turned me on to Plaid Stallions a few months ago and I’ve made it part of my daily blog jog ever since. Love everything you post, even if you are heavy on the boys’ toys. ;o)

  • Dancin' Homer on April 24, 2008

    This is one of my first stops every day when I do my surfing. Always great for a laugh or a “hey – i remember that!” moment. Keep up the great work!

    Re: today’s Ugly Females article on Topless Robot – hilarious. I work for a toy retailer and I’m proud to say that the late ’90s Daisy Duke was our exclusive! My friend and I would often “congratulate” the Action Figure buyer for scooping the rest of the industry with this John Elway-faced dreamgirl, whose beauty was further enhanced by the huge bolts in her knee, elbow, and shoulder joints. We waited until she was marked down to $5, then went out and bought one each to proudly display in our offices.

  • Bubbashelby on April 24, 2008

    Congrats on two years! I remember discovering this blog a few months back and laughing my way through the entirety of it’s mock-licious contents.

    Keep it up!

  • Lisa on April 25, 2008


    I love Plaid Stallions!!! Lots of great memories, even if some of them go too far back for me to remember from the first time round!

    It’s also great that this blog put me back in contact with you, Brian 🙂

  • Lady Jaye on April 27, 2008

    Woooo! Congrats for the 2-year anniversary of the site! It’s to the 70s what is to the 80s (although Matt of doesn’t post nearly as often as he once did)…

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