Colouring Book Theatre: The Sword and the Sorcerer

Colouring Book Theatre: The Sword and the Sorcerer

The Sword and the Sorcerer Coloring and activity book (1982) by Modern Promotions is one of the more curious colouring books I’ve reviewed on here mainly because I think it’s the first one I’ve encountered based on an R rated movie.

This movie got a series of Rack Toys as well,  Albert Pyun movies usually don’t get a lot of merchandise especially ones with gore and nudity in them.

The cover is by an artist named James Sherman and it’s quite nice,  the pages are credited to four different people and let me tell you one of those people really had no future in illustration.


The book skips the movie’s intro of resurrecting a demon, so there is no horrific wall of faces to colour in. It starts with Talon’s family being murdered by Cromwell, his father is the only victim shown, the rest are just mentioned in passing.



Stuff like this amuses the living heck out of me.

This may be your one chance in life to colour character actor Richard Lynch, SEIZE THE DAY PEOPLE!


Even though I’ve seen this movie a half dozen times I can barely remember the plot, I get the plots of this, “Hawk the Slayer” and “Beastmaster” all mixed up.  This is not a problem i plan to resolve.

I barely passed.

That is not how the movie ends, all in all, this was a pretty fun one and I’m glad I picked it up although I was hoping for some complete lack of good judgment like the series of “Dune” colouring books this team wisely shied away from controversy other than making something for kids based on a movie they couldn’t see (until it came on cable).


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  • William McFarland on November 15, 2020

    That first page is still kind of disturbing. He looks like he might be dead chained up like that. I’m reaching for my red crayon.

  • Paul Elverud on November 16, 2020

    I love “The Sword and the Sorcerer.” I have a well worn but treasured copy of the VHS release as I wait for a Blu Ray to be released. While I was a teenager when this movie was released I can say that, at least for me as a preteen in the mid 70’s, my parents did not really censor what I watched. Not that they went out of their way to let me watch “R” rated movies, it was not a big deal. l really. I was lucky as we had cable ok e by 1976 (Showtime) and my big sisters had HBO. I really looked forward to getting home from school and wait for them to start their broadcasting day (Usually around 3pm). I think parents were just different then as some were probably extremely strict.
    Just wanted to say that I wish I had seen those toys or coloring book back the day as I would have bought them. The coloring book has a very odd font (completely unlike any I have seen in connection with SATS) so I may have not even noticed it (also the main guy looks nothing like Lee Horsely or even Matt Houston). I would have bought the toys as well, but I was really into video games by then and rarely paid attention to toys not related to the Intellivision or Atari 2600.
    Sorry, I talk too much.
    Good memories though.

  • Gamera977 on November 16, 2020

    I get to colour Richard Lynch!?! OMG!!! This may the coolest colouring book ever! I hope there’s a page in there of Richard Moll too!

    If someone put out a colouring book with Lynch, Lance LeGault, and Al Leong it’d be a must buy for me!!!!

  • Neil Hansen on November 21, 2020

    Jim Sherman is best known as a comic book artist who drew the Legion of Super-Heroes during the Bronze Age.

  • DON CHISHOLM on March 10, 2021

    I saw this at the theater when I was 11 or so. Went with my mom. (Everybody in my family loved sci-fi and fantasy, so I was exposed to a lot of different things at a young age.) I love this film! Is it a good film, or a bad one? It’s really hard to tell, but it is awesome. (Just like the 1980 Flash Gordon film. There has to be a name for that effect….)

    The art in the colouring book looks like someone channeling/tracing Ernie Colon.

    Don C.

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