5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Matchbox MAC lot- After my video this week, I got really interested in MAC toys on eBay despite the fact that I try to only buy them in the wild. So here is a really great starter lot that will likely go very cheap. 


AHI Batman Road Race Set- AHI did more than rack toys with Batman, they also did some pricier items, though I wouldn’t be generous about the quality. Take this Batman road racing set, it’s full of cool little easter eggs and the cards are adorable. I owned one of these for a time just so i could photograph it!

Monster Vending Machine header cards– I never search for vending machine header cards because I could easily become obsessed with them and yeah, look at how cool these things are! Looking at these things is such a gut-punch of childhood, it’s unfiltered and amazing.

View-Master Good Guys Gift Pack- Some kid brought this into kindergarton and I remember desperately wanting this afterward, which made no sense because I had half of the reels already, my dad sold viewmasters at the time. I blame the beautiful orange package with superheroes…

Sealed Case of Space:1999 gum cards: I’m not justifying the pricing on this but i love the box litho on this very much. I had an empty one some time ago but a flood took care of that. I don’t think Space:1999 gum cards sold very well, collecting in the 1980s I ran into sealed boxes everywhere.

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  • Seventiesfan on September 7, 2019

    I've got that View-Master Good Guys Gift Pack. There's something about 1970's toys in cans that draws our attention. That's why I also have canned puzzles of the Bionic Woman and Superman.

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