What am I doing to my son?

What am I doing to my son?

I saw this site posted on the MegoMuseum, it’s all about a confrontation Ed McMahon has with Solomon Grundy from the Seventies TV Specials, Legends of the Superheroes.

It brings me to a funny story, I’m a former video dealer, so my house is littered with crummy VHS bootlegs of things that are mostly now available on DVD.
My 3 year old son, whose head i have been filling mostly with superfriends DVD’s (because it’s going to make him popular on the play ground when he’s the only Aquaman fan) asked for some new cartoons.
I could have turned on treehouse and let him watch Carebears reruns, i guess.

But nooooooo, I dug through and found my copy of Legends of the Superfriends and he loved it! Every moment of it, although he admitted Solomon Grundy scares him, he also admitted to not liking “Egg McMuffin” whoever that is.
So Now I am forced to watch it almost every day, while I’m pleased he picked Black Canary as his favorite, should I really let my son go though life thinking the Legion of Doom are borscht belt comedians?
The trouble worsened when my mother babysat one day and my son asked her to put it on. “isn’t that Charlie Callas?” sent shivers down my spine as i headed out the door.
At least it could be worse, I could be showing him the Star Wars holiday special.

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  • tjo' on December 4, 2007

    It could be worse. As a former child who was forced to watch the Exorcist, Salem’s Lot and other R rated horror flicks at the age of 10, i think you’re doing just fine.

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