What about the Rebenga Job Mang?

What about the Rebenga Job Mang?

Ok when you see swarthy guys in leisure suits like this are you reminded of:

a) Movies that involve drug dealers?
b) porn?
c) That dance pimp from the Pat Benetar “Love is a Battlefield” video?
d) Papa? Is that you?

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  • Corsair on February 7, 2007

    Those suits have Tony Montana written all over them:

    “The Regenga Hit. What was that? A game of dominoes, mang?”

  • DiscoDaddio on November 15, 2007

    WEEEEE! I made it through every photo! Now I’m going to put on my ABBA and do some coke! (Naw, just the ABBA!) Thanks for the trip back in time.

  • Anonymous on December 26, 2008

    favorite. i’m laughing so hard i’m sick, mang.

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