Toy-Ventures Magazine is actively seeking submissions

Toy-Ventures Magazine is actively seeking submissions

Toy-Ventures Magazine is seeking submissions

As we send issue 4 of Toy-Ventures magazine to the printers, this is a good time to mention that our door is always open to reader submissions.

Some of our best articles in the past four issues came from people sharing with us, it’s always been the goal of this publication to seek out the people who know best, the fans,  because, heck, we don’t know everything.

If you are passionate about a toy line from the 1960s to the 1980s and would like to share your knowledge, we’d be interested in hearing your pitch. Is your collection truly unique and worth sharing? Let us know.  Did you work on a classic toy line and would like to share your experiences? We’d love to hear from you. Do you own a prototype for a never-produced toy and want to share it? drop us a line. We can’t guarantee a place but we’ll open-mindedly consider all submissions and pitches.

We like deep dives into the stuff nobody talks about, the weird toy lines, the foreign items, the knock-offs just as much we love the officially licensed stuff. Our goal is to spread some love and shed a little light on our favourite playthings.

If you have article ideas, hit us up through our contact page. Prefer is you use “Article Idea” in the subject line if possible.

Thanks for reading!


 Toy-Ventures magazine Issue 4 is shipping this month to pre-order customers and it’s loaded with cool toys and information. Issue 4 is set to launch next week and it’s our best yet, we just keep climbing with this and I hope you’ll support it.


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AKA Brian Heiler author of "Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings" and co-editor of "Toy-Ventures Magazine". Co-Host of the "Pod Stallions" podcast. Host of the Brick Mantooth Youtube channel, painter, designer, writer, mental health advocate, toy collector, Mego, and Mego Knock-Off enthusiast. I have large feet, ADHD and I live in Canada. Talk toys, not others.


  • Ken on September 7, 2021

    Hello , I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to learn of this new magazine Toy-Ventures. Like “Super stoked”!!! I thought my world was collapsing when Toyfare and Lee’s went out of print. Online magazines are not fun for me. Thanks for bringing back something I can physically hold and read . I will be placing an order for all 4 copies. Have a great day!!

    • Mantooth on September 7, 2021

      Thanks so much for getting it, that’s exactly why we do this. I miss toy magazines.

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