The Six Million Dollar Man by Kenner

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  • Caffeinated Joe on May 18, 2018

    Right back at ya!

  • top_cat_james on May 18, 2018

    That's one tricked-out oxygen tent Stevie has.

  • Anonymous on May 19, 2018

    From the look of it, this Anon's first reaction was either a bionic green-house or a special containment room for a bionic Andromeda Strain.

    Top Cat says it's an oxygen tent, which makes sense. The whole back story was Austin got injured in some Apollo 1 style tragedy.

  • YesterdayIsNow on May 20, 2018

    Why is the featured action pose of Steve taking a dump?

  • Seventiesfan on May 28, 2018

    That Six Million Dollar Man ad looks like a shelf in my room, full of Bionic toys.

  • baby sprinkles on June 7, 2018

    It can't be an oxygen tent with electronics that turn of and off power by electricity ,sparks ? Sounds like another episode where the OSI has to rebuild Steve and the rest of the neighborhood. I think its actually a wet bar :

  • top_cat_james on June 8, 2018

    It was a joke, guys.

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