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AKA Brian Heiler author of "Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings" and co-editor of "Toy-Ventures Magazine". Co-Host of the "Pod Stallions" podcast. Host of the Brick Mantooth Youtube channel, painter, designer, writer, mental health advocate, toy collector, Mego, and Mego Knock-Off enthusiast. I have large feet, ADHD and I live in Canada. Talk toys, not others.


  • Milé Murtanovski on December 5, 2018

    This is like one of those Magic Eye posters, but instead of seeing a three-dimensional image, you just gradually go blind.

  • Anonymous on December 5, 2018

    Ludicrous speed! GO!

  • CuteKoala YT on December 5, 2018

    I wonder what a true Scottish Tartan wold say once confronted with this thing of beauty ? " I'll drink to that " , they would say :

  • Gamera977 on December 5, 2018

    I think it's the waiting room for Nyarlathotep's office…

    It would make a great Twilight Zone episode, a guy gets sucked into the plaid dimension and goes mad…

  • EAG46 on December 5, 2018

    I'm pretty sure a blind person would get a headache walking into that room.

  • Anonymous on December 6, 2018

    "Too much of a good thing is…
    …implying this was EVER a "good thing". It wasn't. It isn't. Terrifying to think a company ever created such a room, even for a single-use photo shoot. Or that they were trying to convince people to do this to their homes.

  • Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures on December 6, 2018

    You must not have been alive during or remember the 70s… People /did/ do this to their homes back then!

  • Gamera977 on December 6, 2018

    I grew up in the '70s but thankfully my parents/relatives went with a much more subdued green, brown, and maroon version of this sort of pattern. And only on the furniture and curtains, not the wallpaper. The whole friggin' room is just madness inducing!!!

  • John Addison on December 6, 2018

    Can you imagine recovering from a hangover in this room?

  • Weird Fantastic Toy Adventures on December 7, 2018

    John Addison could you imagine doing LSD in this room?

  • Anonymous on December 11, 2018

    "You must not have been alive during or remember the 70s…"
    The people my family my associated with limited their decorating excesses to tacky faux-Spanish colonial and one daring household went for the "tiki" look which became VERY dated even before they were done paying for it. 😀

    Hey, my folks had avocado appliances, a hounds-tooth carpeted kitchen/ bathroom (complete with horrid gold-flecked fake "marble" formica counters, velvet-flocked wallpaper in the bathroom, and a darker shade of harvest sunset shag carpeting in the master bedroom. I don't want to think about that, okay? But they did have it. If it comes to winning a four-digit cash-money bet, I have the photos to prove it, too.

    This.. no, man… no way.

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