The Man of Steel becomes the man of gold

The Man of Steel becomes the man of gold

I couldn’t get over the sincerity of this licensing advertisement for Superman from 1983. which states that Superman 3 will “Make box office history for the third time in a row” and “we’re expecting the strongest sales ever“.

I remember seeing Superman 3 with my best friend, we were both 12 and I remember being really excited for a new Superman movie. 

The robot lady gave me awful nightmares and the popcorn had me throwing up all night. So, I don’t have fond memories of Superman 3 (Unlike Trading Places, the film we saw the week prior which made men out of us, ahem) and likely didn’t buy any merchandise that summer.

I think it’s so weird to see a spread of Superman merchandise that doesn’t include an action figure but with Mego going out of business that year and one year until Super Powers, this was a weird void.

My kids have never known a world where they couldn’t go to a store and see a Superman action figure in some form. That’s a weird concept because i certainly remember “the dark times”

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  • Tom on September 27, 2017

    Wow. You'd think they'd have told Superman there to tuck the neck hair down in his shirt.

    I remember really wanting to like Superman III. By the time Superman IV came along, I didn't even give it a chance.

  • Hugh Walter on September 27, 2017

    I hear you . . . Jamie Lee Curtis . . . growl!


  • John Hildman on September 27, 2017

    Superman III was quite the awakening for me in the dismal superhero movie world. That scary as hell circuitry woman gave me nightmares too. I thought it couldn't possibly be worse… until number 4 came out!

  • Dantheman on September 29, 2017

    I remember being six in the summer of '83, and seeing Return of the Jedi and Superman III within a few weeks of each other. Obviously, Jedi left the most lasting impression on me.

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