The first 48

The first 48

This is where i tapped out as a kid, 48 action figures was too much to “Collect ’em all” and I remember taking a hard line with Cloud Car pilot (I already had a Bespin guard).

I may have been the exception but I really got into Black Hole and Star Trek TMP figures at this point.

The micro collection is still one of those things I secretly covet, it’s awesome.

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  • John Hildman on June 1, 2017

    I had the Bespin control room micro set. I played with that thing forever, not sure why…lol. I remember wishing I could get the other sets to go with it, especially the Hoth sets.

  • Seventiesfan on June 1, 2017

    I know what you mean about The Black Hole and Star Trek TMP. Although I've always liked the two and already had a few items back then, it was only recently that I started buying lots of Black Hole and Star Trek TMP items. Yesterday I spent the evening watching both, as well as the Star Wars Holiday Special- so far I am the only one who will admit to liking it.
    As for the Star Wars figures "Collect 'em all", I have all except for the last 15 called "Power of the Force".

  • Anonymous on June 4, 2017

    Don't feel too bad. Star Wars came out at a time before "collecting" turned into what it is today. Most kids I knew didn't collect every figure that came out. I mean, really, how many boys that age wanted a figurine of Princess Leia in her Bespin Ball Gown? Lando would have died of shame "driving Miss Daisy" around in Luke's landspeeder.

    A lot of parents back then weren't too keen on buying a new toy every time they went to the store, either. So most of us had to choose carefully. There were a few exceptions. One kid in my neighborhood had just about every figurine, every vehicle, every playset. His dad did something with international finance and came home only every other weekend or so.

    When we all started getting into GI Joe, the same thing happened. Sure enough, he got the gigantic USS Flagg aircraft carrier for his birthday –and a long-distance call from his dad. Even back then, looking in awe at the giant toy-store he called a bedroom, I still didn't want his family. Not for anything.

    When The Black Hole robots showed up one Christmas, my Star Wars figures had mixed reactions. Vincent they could deal with, except for R2-D2. Those two never got along. Maximillian was a different story. He frightened the heck out of everyone. Even Darth Vader tread carefully around him. The Star Trek TMP crew fit right in, however.

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