GI Joe Adventure Team Explores the World

  These GI Joe Wishbook spreads are some of my earliest memories, my mother even tells me that an overnight hospital stay once was made less traumatic by handing me a Christmas wishbook that was in her car. No wonder that I smile every time I see one of these double-page spreads…

Greatest Catalog Page Ever (to me)

It seems fitting to end a month of Wish Book pages with what I consider the greatest one ever. From Monkey Wards 1976, the Mego Superheroes battling the Lincoln Monsters. It’s not my favourite because of childhood (we didn’t have Wards in Canada) but when I was a teen tracking down my childhood monster friends, […]

Super Joe meets Godzilla

Seeing as it’s Christmas eve, I’m going to hurry up and do a few of my favourites before I shut down for the year. This piece featuring Hasbro Super Joe (an underrated line IMHO) features Shogun Warriors Godzilla, for no good reason but it totally works. This is what I miss about catalogs…. More on […]

Christmas Cowboys

Although they were far past prime, Western action figures were still very much a viable commodity in the 1970s. I’d even be willing to argue that Gabriel’s seminal Lone Ranger line may be one of the top ten action figure lines of the 1970s. Check em all out here:

Atomic Joe Love

This page is from the 1975 Eaton’s catalog and I’m pretty sure I burned it into my brain that year. Joe’s world (and packaging artwork) has always captivated me and 1975 was a super special time for me…mainly because I was five. Atomic Man was a childhood favourite of mine (though the appearance of Steve […]

Bionic Monday!

Christmas will forever remind me of the Bionic Man, mostly because he or his friends were a staple from 1975 to 1978. I didn’t get everything on this page but I had Steve, Oscar and Maskatron and I played with those three for years. I would feel remiss if I didn’t extend the Bionic Monday […]

Christmas Adventure

Adventure People were a Christmas staple for me from ’75 to ’79, I’m not sure I ever even asked for them but they were welcome. The hours I spent playing with sets 1 through 3 probably outnumbered the amount I studied in college, so more than nine hours… Other Fisher Price Links

Canadian Star Wars

Or as I called it Star Wars, this page from 1979 shows a lot of the unique Star Wars items that could be found north of the US border.  From the cardboard deathstar to the regal plush ending with the (very collectible) cheap-o utility belts that recycled some pieces from Remco. I want to add […]