TV Comix: The Incredible Hulk

I can’t believe it’s been three years since I last did a “TV Comix” segment on this blog. To make up for it, I have a pretty big deal from 1979 in the form of the Incredble Hulk.  Put on your purple pants and join me after the jump: British Annuals are always a good […]

TV Comics: Logan’s Run

I haven’t done an installment of TV comics in over a year so I might as well do one of my favourites, Logan’s Run. This is again from the amazing British weekly called “Look In” that I wished we had as kids. Logan’s Run got a Marvel comic in the US but it was based […]

TV Comix: Bionic Woman

Another US series done in UK fromat from the pages of “Look In” weekly. I think Charlton had the rights to Bionic Woman stateside and I’ll blog about that sometime in the future. One of the things about Look In is that you get an idea of what was the hit feature in the book […]

TV Comix: Man From Atlantis

As I try to scramble to get more colouring books to review, I thought I’d go through the various comic books I have based on TV shows from the seventies. It’s a little side obsession of mine that I didn’t even realize that I had. I’ve decided to open with one of the shorter lived […]