Black Hole 1980

Seeing as it’s December, I thought I’d showcase some of my favourite Christmas Catalog images of all time starting with this one. I remember exactly where I was when I first laid eyes on this, riding in the back seat of my father’s gigantic car to go visit Vince, his barber. It blew my mind […]

The MAC Commando/Rescue Team

 This ad from 1976 makes me happy, Matchbox MAC (Mobile Action Command) was a really fun series of figures and vehicles that are unfairly forgotten. MAC never gave kids any back story (much like the Metal Men) and let their imaginations run wild. Below is the link to the 1977 MAC catalog, enjoy!

Please delete your COOKIES!!!!!

Sesame Street turned 45 this week and honestly, I felt like I should have gotten it something. So in honour of this momentous occasion, I’m going to try and make my desktop look like this wonderful device. Sure, my blogging will suffer but I’ll be happier overall….

The Amazing Spider Copter

It never phased me that Spider-Man never seemed to have bus fare in the comics or TV but an amazing fleet of vehicles on the toy shelves. I didn’t question toy makers logic as a kid, that’s the kind of sass that could get you on the naughty list…. .

SDCC: Toynami Shogun Warriors

While I don’t dabble in new toys much, I’d say that it would be irresponsible of me not to discuss this one. As I mentioned earlier in the week on the PS facebook page, Toynami has set up at this week’s San Diego Comic Con (perhaps you’ve heard of it) with revamped versions of the […]

1979 Fisher Price Adventure People Catalog

It’s often forgetten that Fisher Price Adventure People lead the 3 3/4″ charge of the 1970s. Their wonderful world was free of violence but just completely captivating. This catalog shows the line still going strong after Lucas with new innovation and a little dash of science fiction thrown in for good measure.: Check out the […]


These were possible the oddest things I spied at last month’s Mego Meet show. A set of home made Space:1999 plush figures, nerdy high school art project or a really well meaning Grandmother? We’ll never know. Eyes up here Martin Landau! More  Space:1999

Poster Art Center

There is no doubt in my mind that I would have spent all of my pocket money on one of these as a kid. It’s just what one? I’m not ashamed to admit even Ziggy was a contender for me as a kid.

1978 Janex Toys Catalog

Janex Toys is largely known to children of the 1970s for their talking alarm clocks featuring Raggedy Anne, Batman and Bugs Bunny. However the company put out a lot of different toys and concepts (most of them centering around talking) during their tenure and held a good deal of popular licenses. 1978 saw Janex release […]