5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

  Cryotron Carry Case (eBay Link) — This was a Sears Canada exclusive, and I remember that catalogue fondly as it was the first time I saw the Mego Black Hole Humanoid and Old B.O.B. Despite it kind of looking like a “Space Toilet Seat” I dream of finding one packed with figures like the […]

Rebel Command Center

Two thoughts: One, Darth Vader and the Bounty Hunters look like they’re going “Hooray!” which is probably what they did at the end of “Empire”.  Two, the Rebel Command center looks like minutes of play. Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.


There are NINE PAGES of Annie merchandise in the 1983 Sears catalog. More than any of the other themes like Smurfs or Strawberry Shortcake and exactly nine pages more than “Wrath of Khan” which was more successful at the box office. Not being a young girl at the time (or any time for that matter) I […]

Star Wars….exclusively at Sears

While I personally don’t remember the Rebel Command Center (which surprises me) I do recall the weird loyalty you had to have to Sears in order to “collect” Star Wars figures as a kid. Sears wasn’t close to our house, so I’d have to tag along with my mum to get groceries or other mundane […]

Origin of the Creature Cantina

This past June, I spent a little time with the former toy buyer for Sears. He was a wealth of interesting info but my favourite takeaway of that conversation was this anecdote. I am paraphrasing: Basically, the buyer asked Kenner to make “The bar with all the aliens” as a play set for the Sears […]

Star Wars….Only at Sears

Another Christmas page that made me crazy, those “exclusive” figures came on these weird shrunk wrapped cards and it drove me crazy tracking them down as a kid. Now, I wish I’d kept them as they’re worth a bundle.

Kenner Star Wars, Perhaps you’ve heard of it….

I had something really cool planned today but a computer update took 110% of my free time last night and made me sad, so I drank two “Blue Moons” and fell asleep instead.  Here is a page of Star Wars treats I found in a hurry this morning, Blue Snaggletooth and 12″ Boba Fett, it […]

Star Trek 1978

Even though Star Wars was all the rage, the Mego Star Trek figures miraculously re-appeared in the 1978 Sears Catalog. The figures came on cards with blank backers, it’s largely believed it was a tactic by Mego to retain the Star Trek license for the upcoming move.  Always nice to see the Space Command Center […]

Sears Cantina Adventure Playset

The Sears Cantina playset with it’s well known snaggle tooth variant was something I was blissfully unaware of as a child As an adult, I work hard to fight the “Star Wars Urge” stuff like this makes it difficult.

Sears Video Arcade

As a kid, I was pretty brand loyal to Atari, even getting into fisticuffs with an Intellivision fan once, which is pretty embarrassing to admit now. I bought my 2600 with my own money (from menial labour gigs no less) and even though this Sears knock off was a better deal, there was some stigma attached to it […]