70s Ourways Studios Catalog- Superheroes!

  Ourways Studios produced some of the wildest superhero merch in the 70’s, best known for their awesome stickers and decals their product features art by some of the true greats like Neal Adams and John Romita. There was something so incredibly cool about a time when a company could have both the Marvel and […]

Toy-Ventures: Filmation Super 7 Merchandise

Time to talk about my 40-year obsession with the Filmation series “Tarzan and the Super 7” and my long hunt for merchandise which are mainly cheap rack toys but I love it none the less.   PlaidStallions Facebook Page   Plaidstallions facebook group   Twitter: @plaidstallions   Subscribe to our Youtube Channel:

Super 7 Puffy Stickers by Imperial Toys

It’s been a while since I got anything new in my quest to own all merchandise from my favourite saturday morning show,  Tarzan and the Super 7. Lucky for me I found a sweet deal on a complete set of Imperial stickers based on all the characters! More after the jump. 

Love Boat Puffy Stickers

Technical issues are blocking your regularly scheduled Friday catalog feature. As I tried to do repairs, I found these under my desk.  I have no recollection of purchasing these but frankly I’m not terribly surprised, especially seeing as one of them is a big delicious picture of Ted Lange. Happy Friday everyone! I’m off to […]

More Glowing Monster Puffy Stickers

So in my post two weeks ago about these wonderful items, I ended with “does anyone collect these?”. Enter Mike, who chimed in with “I do” and he proceded to share his killer collection with us. I had no idea that some of these, like the giant version pictured above, existed. The photos below are […]

Glowing Monster Puffy Stickers

One of the things that I see every morning that makes me happy is a panel of these, produced in the late 1970s by God only knows who, these puffy stickers appeared everywhere when I was a kid. I’ve got some in on my old Black Hole lunch box, they’re in an album and I’m […]

Puffy Monsters

I am loving these Universal Monsters Puffy Stickers produced by Gordy in 1982. I will confess I had a puffy sticker phase and did have some Monster ones but I never ran into these before, I’d have been all over them. I had have an unhealthy obsession with all things Creature from the Black Lagoon. […]

1980 Imperial Puffy Sticker Catalog

What’s a more appropriate way to end a week devoted to back to school than by paying tribute to those items that often ended up on our binders, Puffy Stickers! Imperial Toy was one of the biggest producer of these back in the day, even when they didn’t have the license they would come awfully […]

The Super 7!

I was looking through this cool puffy stickers catalog (which I am going to get to in the fall) and my I found this killer box for the Filmation Super 7 Stickers. It’s very rare to find any merchandise for these characters. I remember a kid in my class having these and me being very […]