Pod Stallions: Watchmen

  Who Watches the Watchmen?? WE do! And we’ve read it, too! Yes, it’s time for a very special heartwarming episode of Pod Stallions, where we cover the apocalypse-straddling, superhero-deconstructing epic classic by A—M—- (name redacted) and Dave Gibbons. It’s original release, the ’09 film, the prequel/sequel comics, merch, HBO series and even the Dr […]

Pod Stallions 93: More Binge Watching

Pod Stallions 93: More Binge-Watching     Is it Lockdown again? Well, not quite, but let’s just say we at Pod Stallions HQ have that ‘lockdown feeling’ year round. So we thought it time for the world to know what we’ve been peeping of late, from low brow, to high brow to every brow in […]

Pod Stallions 83: Creature from the Black Lagoon

It’s October and that means nothing but monsters and horror and we kick it off with a discussion of one of our favourite monsters ever, the Creature from the Black Lagoon. But, we’re us and we veer off into a million directions with discussions about Monster Cereal and Christmas displays being put up too early. […]