Pod Stallions Episode 92: 70s Variety Shows

All loyal listeners of Pod Stallions know we live by the ‘variety is the spice of life’ philosophy, so we thought it was time we celebrated that. In this episode, we welcome producer/clip expert Steve Kozak to our third chair, and we discuss the “variety special” trends of the 70s & 80s, and deep dive […]

Spotlight: Phantom of the Paradise Blu ray

I haven’t done a spotlight review since the winter, mostly because honestly, I don’t buy that many new things these days and people rarely send me review stuff. Lucky for me, something crossed my path I just couldn’t avoid. Ever since my (largely irresponsible) older cousin let me watch Phantom of the Paradise at the […]

PodStallions #15: Rod Serling

This month’s show is a celebration of Television icon Rod Serling and is exploration of his career and legacy. Even though he passed away in the mid 1970s, he had an impact on pop culture that is still strongly felt today. Episode 15 talks about his life, the Twilight Zone and his career after that […]