5 (okay 6) Awesome things on eBay this week

Mattel Space:1999 Deluxe Set: As much as i bag on the action figures, the Mattel Moonbase Alpha Playset is remarkable and i love this giftset featuring all the characters. I’ve almost bit a few times and eventually, I probably will.   Superhero Sponges- This is totally in conjunction with the Spider-Man soap from last week, […]

5 Awesome Things on Ebay this Week

AHI Fantastic Four Water Gun– As a collector of AHI and the author of a book about Rack Toys, I can honestly tell you, this sucker is RARE! Like, i wasn’t sure it existed until i saw it. The Fantastic Four Stuff did not get much distribution and I am in awe of this. Ben […]

The 1978 AHI Toy Catalog

The undisputed king of the “Rack Toy” in the 1970s was Azrak-Hamway International or “AHI” for short. They were riding high with past hits like Batman, Spider-Man, Star Trek, Space 1999 but 1978 saw them add James Bond 007, Farrah Fawcette, Donnie and Marie, the Walt Disney characters and their answer to Star Wars, Star […]

Vintage Toy Store Photos Volume 17

Yes! A new installment of  one of my favorites, vintage toy store photos. A journey back to the days of oddly named department stores and independent mall toy stores and chains that are fondly remembered but sadly mostly gone. Vintage Toy Store Photos Volume 17 covers the US and Canada this time and features appearances […]

Vintage Toy Store Photos Volume 16

In an effort to combat the end of summer blues, I’ve dig deep to the days of Pegboard and regional toy stores to bring the 16th edition of our vintage toy stores feature. Installment 16 features old favorites such as the Bionic Woman and Six Million Dollar Man, Barbie, the Osmonds, Atari, Fisher Price, Mego […]

Osmond Mania!

I’m finally coming to grips with the actual amount of time I probably spent watching the Donny and Marie show, sure the choice to watch it was made by my older sister, who at five years my senior could totally take me.  However, I will attest to kind of enjoying the experience. I watched a lot of […]

Donny and Marie meet Donny and Marie.

This shot from 1977 pictures Donny and Marie inspecting their toy namesakes at a Mattel Expo where they were guests of honour. Other notable displays at this show involved Mattel’s new line of Shogun Warriors, Slime, Pulsar and Welcome Back Kotter toys. Sadly, the article only mentions those and this is the best picture I […]

Mattel Osmond Catalog for 1978

1978 saw Mattel expand their popular “Donny and Marie” line with a new member of the Osmond family, too cute for his own good l’il brother Jimmy! The 1978 Donny and Marie Catalog also showcases such items as Hollywood Home playset and a pile of outfits for older brother and sis. NO OUTFITS FOR YOU […]