MPC Star Wars Story

MPC Star Wars models will always remind me of a funny story, well if you’re my dad, you wouldn’t laugh. You see in third grade, this cool kid named Andrew (that’s his real name, cause I doubt he’s a reader)  brought in his fully assembled C3-PO model and somehow, i became “salesman of the year” […]

Confessions of a 1982 video game junkie

When I think about 1982, my mind drifts to three things, action figures, Doctor Who novels (mostly written by Terrance Dicks) and VIDEO GAMES. My then eleven year old brain had Pac-Man fever bad, I was a total junkie. I bought terrible magazines about video games where even i could point out the grammatical errors, […]

PodStallions Mini Sode 2: Nerd Horror Stories

We’re finally back after a few bumps in the road with our second mini sode (remember when we planned to do these monthly?). To make it up to everyone, our second mini is all about bearing our souls. We get into some personal cringe worthy pain from the days where being a geek wasn’t something […]

Nerd Therapy Session: X-Ray Blechs

X-Ray Blechs This one takes place during my family’s one memorable trip to Florida in 1977 (referenced already in this tale) and my first experience with feeling totally ripped off. It’s an “I’m still kicking myself” experience and it’s  after the jump. So let me preface by saying that, I was the kid who religiously filled […]

Nerd Therapy Session: Starch of Maize

This one goes back  to 1977, a spendy new toy, the burning curiousity to know what’s inside and the misery that’s always certain to follow. More after the jump….. Kenner’s Stretch Armstrong took the world by storm in 1977. Well, that’s how I remember it anyway, seeing as I was six at the time, that […]

Nerd Therapy Sessions: Trapped!

For this tale we venture back to 1976 and visit the mall, where I sort of grew up and talk about one of my more traumatic early experiences. More after the jump: I was raised in a mall. Well, at least partially anyway. You see, my grandparents owned a shoe store in a middle class mall in our […]

Nerd Therapy Session: Big Wheel Blues

This week, my pal Sharry is guesting the NTS spot and describes something we can all relate to, unrequited toy love (why don’t you love me Stretch Monster?). Even as an adult, it’s sometimes hard to get what you want. More after the jump: When I was a kid growing up in NYC, just about every […]

Nerd Therapy Session: Towel Redemption

tio This one takes place in 1977 and involves vacationing, towels, a slightly embarrassing confession and I guess an overall  reluctance to grow up. Go figure on the last one…. More after the jump: On Christmas morning 1977, my parents woke me up at 4am and threw me (and my newly acquired Oscar Goldman doll plus […]

Nerd Therapy Session: Crushed

This week’s guest submission (keep ’em coming folks!) comes to us from Kirk AKA “Donkey Hoatie” on the Mego Museum message boards. It’s a tale I think we all can relate to and that is your first crush on somebody and how it rarely goes well. The other night, my wife and I were talking […]

Nerd Therapy Sessions: Aurora Barfealis

This tale takes me to 1976  and it’s a tale of Superheroes, long boring car rides and toy loss. More after the jump, warning to the first three rows, you will get wet… The set up to this story is that my Dad was a self employed “rack jobber” to the convenience stores across Ontario. […]