Frontier Fun

I never got any Best of the West or Gabriel Lone Ranger but I certainly remember their presence in the early 1970s wish books and i miss seeing them.

The Amazing Spider-Brush

 I’m totally fascinated with little bits of weird super hero merchandise like this.  Here we have the marriage of hair care and our friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man, whose mantra of putting his name on everything would put Garfield to shame. This is all the handiwork of the standard Pyroxoioid Corp. (sexy name!)   This set solves […]

Space Wars!

Knock off space play sets were definitely a “pro” in the list of things brought during the late seventies Star Wars craze.

Archie at Riverdale High

I would have gone nut for a Jughead as a kid, sadly I never crossed path with these great Marx Archie figures until I was a teenager. Having no Reggie in the line does seem to remove all conflict.

Monster Mania by Marx

Monsters seemed to have enjoyed a lot of popularity in the board game market, every year it seemed at least one company would put out a horror themed game of some kind. I can’t say I remember Monster Mania by Marx but i do dig it’s copyright infringing Frankenstein with rare neckbolts (most knock off […]

The 1980 Marx UK Black Hole Toy Catalog

The 1979 Disney sci fi spectacular “The Black Hole” didn’t quite become the next Star Wars but the film did make an impression on a lot of us until the Empire Strikes back made us forget all about it.  The merchandising bonanza lead by Mego was particularly memorable. In the UK, the brand was handled by Louis Marx […]

Ready Ranger Love

I never had the Aurora Ready Ranger as a kid, so when I first blogged about it here I assumed many of it’s features were largely disappointing. Over the years I’ve had comments and emails from 70s kids who have passionately told me about how fun and entertaining an item this was. So I guess […]

Mighty Marvel Superheroes

This one ends a mystery for me, in 1976 Fleetwood toys released the Marx Marvel Superheroes figures in a slightly smaller size but the big difference is they were fully painted. That box brings me joy. I’ve got one of these (Spider-Man) but I might as well put this out there interwebs, I’m buying.  Rack […]