Original Man from Atlantis art for sale

This weekend a man reached out to me because he’s the owner of the original artwork/painting schematic that was used by the model makers during production/pre-production for the Man From Atlantis “Cetacean Sub”. “Man from Atlantis” was short lived but it left a mark on a lot of us Gen-X kids and possibly one of […]

The Top Ten cancelled toys of the 70s/80s

As much as I enjoyed my childhood, it sometimes pains me to think of the stuff we didn’t get, for whatever boring grown up decision. Sure, some of these licensed wouldn’t have sold and could have forced the companies into risky financial positions but baby Brian wants his toys dammit! Here are the top ten […]

The 2011 Plaidstallions Retro Awards

It’s time once again for my fake awards show dedicated to what I feel is retro goodness of the past year. All in all, 2011 was a tremendous year for this kind of commerce, so there was lots to choose from. I’ve also got some news on the book projects and changes to the site […]

TV Comix: Man From Atlantis

As I try to scramble to get more colouring books to review, I thought I’d go through the various comic books I have based on TV shows from the seventies. It’s a little side obsession of mine that I didn’t even realize that I had. I’ve decided to open with one of the shorter lived […]

Man From Atlantis : The Lost Toys

An amazing update to the Kenner Man from Atlantis Page thanks to some steller contributions by Chris Georgoulias including prototype actions figures, test shots and internal paperwork from Kenner. MFA was as close as we were going to get to a live action Aquaman series as kids and this is an insiders look at the […]

Kenner 1978 Spring Catalog

Spring Supplement Catalogs usually include things that didn’t make it into the February Toyfair in a bid to make it out in time for the Christmas season. The 1978 Kenner Catalog is a prime example featuring some classic goodies and a few that just didn’t make it under anybody’s tree that year.Bionic Woman, Play Doh, […]

What Ever Happened to the Man From Atlantis Toys?

It’s not often I get to play toy detective (which is a shame because I have the hat and everything) so it was gratifying to make this discovery this week. Ever since I posted the Kenner Toy Proposals for the Man From Atlantis Line, I’ve wondered what the line would have actually looked like. Then […]