Meet the Hot Wheels Guy

Kudos to Jeremy for sending in these cool shots of him meeting the Hot Wheels guy not once, but twice in one summer. The first encounter taking place at a Hill’s department store (that’s where the toys are) and the second at a mini mall. I had no idea Hot Wheels had a guy, Jeremy […]

Ultraman hits the mall

Yet another Japanese Mall Appearance photo, this time it’s Ultraman Joe (the animated version) visiting a toy store. This was done in conjunction with Popy toys, to no doubt promote their awesome line of toys including these Mego-esque figures. Send me your mall appearance photos!

Chez Frankenstein

Aw yeah more 70s Frankenstein submissions! This one is from Seth who met the monster outside the House of Frankenstein wax museum in Lake George, NY the summer of 1977. I’ve always wanted to visit the House of Frankenstein, which is still in operation and opens next week. Thanks to Seth for the awesome photo. […]

Frankenstein: 1979

Adam submitted ANOTHER great shot of him at Universal Studios circa 1979. Thank you Adam! I don’t get enough Universal Monsters appearances here and being a huge Frankenstein fan this one brings me joy. Send me your mall appearance photos!

Ultra Seven crashes into a toy store

Oh my goodness, where to begin? One, this is not only a mall appearance of one of my favourite characters but it’s in a 70s toy store setting.  On top of that it’s in a 70s JAPANESE toy store. Adding to this frenzy is one of my holy grails just sitting on a shelf, the […]

Phantom of the Theme Park

Adam submitted this great shot of him and the Phantom at Universal Studios circa 1979. Thank you Adam! I don’t get enough Universal Monsters appearances here. Send me your mall appearance photos!

100% pure West

Dutch sent this awesome shot of him and Batman hisself Adam West shaking Bat hands at the Chicago World of Wheels show in 1986. That bat cowl totally rules. Not only that but he shared the killer autograph he got that day from the appearance, well done old chum! Send me your mall appearance photos!


Ben broke my month long drought of Superhero Mall Appearance Pictures with this terrific picture of him with Spider-man at Cavalier Square Shopping Center in Hopewell, VA. He notes this is probably 1978-1979. Note the cameo by Jerry Lewis. As you can see, Ben chose his attire wisely by wearing a shirt that I wished I’d […]

Colouring Book Theatre: Bugs Bunny meets the Superheroes

Bugs Bunny Meets the Superheroes Souvenir Book This is one of the happier finds I’ve had this year, not only do I collect memorabilia from this mid 1970s stage show but it’s a coloring book to boot. If that wasn’t enough, this item teaches me a little bit about the show itself which is good because […]

Spider-Man- Ambassador to Uruguay?

Magnus sent over this great piece  circa 1986-1987 with Spider-Man at the Rural Association Expo in Uruguay, at the US Embassy Pavillion, at a Polaroid promo booth. I’ve never had a South American mall appearance and honestly, I’m not sure I’m gonna get more, so I’m thrilled to have this! Send me your mall appearance […]