Shopping with Hordak

My friend Corey sent this picture of his pal Darryl and Hordak at the Wyoming Valley Mall in Wilkes-Barre PA circa 1986. He goes on to mention “I can safely say it wasn’t the reason we went to the mall, it was just kinda there. I did take some more shots of Skeletor’s castle which I’ll dig out […]

Rise, Mall Vader

Another winner from Sean  (follow him on twitter) taken at the same time as this classic. I never bore of home made Vader appearances. I always wonder how these guys got past the whole breathing thing? Send me your vintage mall appearance photos! Send me your mall appearance photos!

Sx Flags Star Wars

Danny (check out his awesome art here) sent in this fun shot of him posing with a pretty ersatz Vader and C3P0 from Six Flags great adventure in 1981. Danny mentioned he likes to point out to family that Vader is wearing Adama’s cape but they don’t understand, however we totally do… Send me your vintage mall appearance photos! […]

The Incredible Hunh?

Clark sent in these shots of him and his sister Stef from the Harrisburg Auto Show meeting “The Hulk” and well, this is the worst and most awesome thing I have ever seen. I’m positive this Hulk was not endorsed in any way by Marvel comics as it would give Stan Lee nightmares. I can […]

Mall Droid

Sean  (follow him on twitter) sent in this awesome shot of him and …..R7-D3? I’m not sure who that’s supposed to be, oh wait it’s R2-D2, says so right on the front. Wow, he looks different in person. I think I finally found a companion for this Chewbacca… Send me your vintage mall appearance photos! […]

The amazing Spider Santa

Another terrific vintage entry from my pal Tim Baron (check out his awesome art and creations here) here he is meeting Spider-Man in a pose (and chair) usually reserved for another man in red. That is truly one of the better Spider-Man costumes featured here, thanks Tim! Send me your vintage mall appearance photos! Send […]

Movember Batman

My pal Tim Baron (check out his awesome art and creations here) sent in this terrific early 80s shot of him meeting the caped crusaders. Tim tells me that “he wasn’t fool by the moustache for a second”.  Good eye Tim, that Batman has “Wendy’s night manager” written all over him.  Send me your vintage […]

Na-Na-Na-Na Bat Boat!

Kudos to Matt for breaking my long drought of Mall Appearance photos with this awesome shot of Batman in his boat from Sea World. He’s also promised some home movies, which I’m excited to see, I don’t say that very often. Send me your mall appearance photos!

Action Jackson on the Planet of the Apes

I’ve posted this photo on the MegoMuseum before but it needs to be put here because it’s awesome. Courtesy of Ken Abrams, I present Mego CEO dressed as Action Jackson atop the Mego Planet of the Apes parade float. The gentleman in the Ape costume is VP of Mego R&D Neal Kublan and the “human […]

The Amazingly Late Spider-Man

My pal Lynch sent me this absolutely awesome press photo which explains that Spidey rolled into this JC Penney 90 minutes late, not even a robot that throws candy could quell their Spider-Mania . If you’re into all things Spider-Man, check out this neat video put together by Lynch. It shows a kid’s Spider-Man costume from the […]