Pod Stallions 117: 2023 Retro Awards

Pod Stallions 117: The 2023 Retro Awards Hey listeners- it’s 2024! What better time than to look backwards at 2023? We took our time this year and decided to really hone our lists of our fave movies, tv shows, toys, DVDs and other sundries that were gifted to us in ’23. We cover many ground, […]

TV Magic

This is one of the few times where I gave myself a “Hey! I had this!” moment. Inspired by a magic based kid’s game show that ran every morning, I got my parents to buy me the “Magic Money” set. There is a vague recollection of disappointment that the set didn’t produce dollar bills, have […]

It’s Maaaaagic!

Chances are at one point in your childhood, you became somewhat interested in Magic, especially tricks that you could perform yourself. This magic section from the 1975 Franco American Catalog, one of the bigger novelty distributors shows that you weren’t alone, their rack toy like selection of magic tricks might be familiar if you ever […]