1984 LJN Toys Dune Catalog

It’s hard to believe that toy makers thought the next merchandising blitz would come from a David Lynch film but that’s exactly what happened in 1984. Dune got the full treatment with colouring books, bed sheets and of course a selection of action figures produced by LJN. The movie wasn’t particularly kid (or for that […]


Road stars were a fun little series of cheap diecast vehicles that used popular licenses like Spider-Man, Archie, Hogan’s Heroes (!) and Space:1999. There is a lot wrong with this card, in today’s world these would all have to be shipped back to the manufacturer or destroyed. First, Space:1999 isn’t a Hanna Barbera production, secondly, […]

Fun with Mr Action

LJN’s Mr Action went by many names around the world (seriously, this line sold everywhere there were kids it seems) but it’s largely forgotten it seems. Most commonly mistake many of the parts for GI Joe these days, which is ironic because lines like this actually were seriously hurting Hasbro’s bottom line in the early […]

The Top Ten cancelled toys of the 70s/80s

As much as I enjoyed my childhood, it sometimes pains me to think of the stuff we didn’t get, for whatever boring grown up decision. Sure, some of these licensed wouldn’t have sold and could have forced the companies into risky financial positions but baby Brian wants his toys dammit! Here are the top ten […]

1983 LJN Advanced Dungeons & Dragons catalog

In 1982, LJN toys beat out rival toymake Mego for the rights to produce toys based on the popular TSR role play game “Dungeons and Dragons” and a great underrated series of toys was born. The LJN D&D line was sort of a grown up version of Masters of the Universe with it’s Elves, Wizards […]

LJN TV Superstars 1983

LJN toys had a long tradition of picking up cool cop shows like SWAT and The Rookies and that tradition carried on in the 1983 catalog where they hoped to continue for toy maker Mego (who ahd just filed for bankruptcy) left off by continuing the CHiPs line. Also offered this year was Magnum PI […]

LJN Toys for 1975

Founded in 1970 by Jack Friedman, LJN was one of the 1970s more successful toy companies, offering a mix of nicely made licensed products and some lower cost “house brand” items. 1975 saw the company in full swing with hot TV licenses such as “The Rookies” and “Emergency!” as well as Petite, their attempt to […]

The Adventures of Don, Bill and Jac!

“Don Bill Jac” sounds a bit like an obscure early 70s film you’d catch at 4 am, there’s good reason for this as it’s the name of a toyline that could only exist in the 1970s. Don, Bill and Jac consisted of the titular heroes and their “each sold seperately” outfits and accessories. If you’ve […]