Black Hole Kites

I was amused to find these ads for Black Hole branded kites from Hi-Flier tucked in a trade magazine from 1979. The toy industry really thought the robots from Disney’s space epic were going to be the next big thing. And for me and my friends, they totally were! I had every Black Hole item […]

Live long and Prosper

I admit, I didn’t know I needed a 25 foot mylar Mr Spock Dragon Kite but now, I can’t live without it. I really need to be “That guy” in my neighbourhood, the “oh you know, the guy with the kite” guy.

Comic Hero Kites

This is a new one to me, these Comic Hero kites from Remco were made in 1971, which was an odd year to be making Superhero merchandise seeing it was pretty close to the late 60s explosion. There are some pretty interesting things to notice about this line, first is the absence of Aquaman ( […]