Toy-Ventures: The Great Toy Trek Part 1

Toy-Ventures: The Great Toy Trek Part 1     Toy-Ventures hits the road, and this time, I’m not alone. My wife joins me on a 500-mile journey as we hit flea markets, Antique Malls, thrift shops and comic shops across Ontario. Places Visited: One of a Kind Antique Mall Dark Matter Toys Heroes […]

World of Adventures

Ah, this photo will be my happy place today. That orange scuba set was well played with in my house. Don’t forget to join our new facebook group. Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Frontier Fun

I never got any Best of the West or Gabriel Lone Ranger but I certainly remember their presence in the early 1970s wish books and i miss seeing them.

Christmas Cowboys

Although they were far past prime, Western action figures were still very much a viable commodity in the 1970s. I’d even be willing to argue that Gabriel’s seminal Lone Ranger line may be one of the top ten action figure lines of the 1970s. Check em all out here:

The 1978 Marx Ready Gang Catalog

  I’m still learning things. When I last posted about the wonderful Marx “Ready Gang” series of action figures, I pontificated that these old west figures had bombed in their initial year of 1977. Now I discover that the line not only didn’t bomb, it continued into a second year and even added new items […]

1977 Marx Ready Gang Catalog

In 1977, Marx Toys launched the Ready Gang a beautiful line of 9″ action figures from the old west with little to no back story (seriously are these guys outlaws for good guys?) and it quietly flopped in the market place. It’s a shame as the figures are not only attractive but well made, nowadays I […]

Back in Day Goodness

Some more vintage photos from Wes Booth, this one is rather timely, it’s Wes opening up a Sam Cobra from the Marx Johnny west line. You’ll also notice a Superfriends Colouring Book that we reviewed here at the bottom right. Not only did Wes get a Best of the West Horse but I see the […]

1975 Marx Johnny West Catalog

Like G.I. Joe, Johnny West was one of the few hold over action figure lines from the 1960’s. This durable (hell, indestructable) cowboy figure line was looking a little strange on a shelf now populated by superheroes, aliens and talking apes but he managed to kick around for at least one more year. The line […]

1974 True Value Toy Catalog

Continuing our True Value series is this cool toy catalog from 1974, it’s amazing how much things can change in a year or so. 1974 seemed to be a true mix of old guard toys mingling with the new, Big JIm rubs elbows with Johnny West. Barbie turns 16 and Ken goes Mod. Standards such […]