Big Jim 1984 Catalog from Italy

He may have faded from our toy shelves in the 1970s but in Europe, Big Jim was still kind of a big deal. How big a deal? In this 1984 Mattel Italy catalog, Big Jim has as many pages as Masters of the Universe. By this time, the Big Jim line is firmly set in […]

1975 Polistil Action Team (GI Joe) Catalog

There is nothing i like more an European Catalog for GI Joe Adventure team toys and this one from Polistil Italy is a lot of fun. Here they are the Action Team and all science fiction is toned down in favour of a slightly more paramilitary look. As always, the products and faces are familiar […]

Italian Shogun Warriors

Mattel marketed their successful “Shogun Warriors” toy line not only in North America but to Europe as well. What’s fun about all international toy lines in the 1970s were the things that were different or at times, additional. And the Italian Shogun Warriors line does not disappoint, while Godzilla is strangely absent, Goldrake a popular […]

The Adventures of Don, Bill and Jac!

“Don Bill Jac” sounds a bit like an obscure early 70s film you’d catch at 4 am, there’s good reason for this as it’s the name of a toyline that could only exist in the 1970s. Don, Bill and Jac consisted of the titular heroes and their “each sold seperately” outfits and accessories. If you’ve […]