5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Children’s Elvira Halloween Costome (eBay Link)- I think this may be the first one of these I’ve ever seen for sale, I only recently found out it got made. Imagineering had a licensing deal with Elvira in 1990 and made oodles of merchandise including this. Dressing a little kid as Elvira was not well received […]

1987 Imagineering Halloween Catalog Featuring Elvira

The one thing that was a constant for children of the 70s and 80s was as soon as the seasonal aisle of your local drugstore was done with back to school, it became filled with gory fun items in anticipation of Halloween. There were items such as fake fangs and vampire blood that we all […]

Halloween Costumes: Best Selection in Town!

Love, love, love this ad from ’79, all the faves are here, Mork, Remco KISS your face, Imagineering’s “The Face” but the big standout on this piece would be the “Incredible Melting Man” makeup kit by Imagineering. Based on the movie of the same name (which is also a great episode of Mystery Science Theatre […]