1969 Toys R Us Toy Circular

Here’s another wonderful Toy Newspaper Circular from the good people at Toys R Us, this time it’s from this weekend 41 years ago (ok I timed that part). It’s a cool trip back to the toys of yester year and while some things have changed, others really haven’t all that much. Lots of memorable classics […]

The Adventures of Don, Bill and Jac!

“Don Bill Jac” sounds a bit like an obscure early 70s film you’d catch at 4 am, there’s good reason for this as it’s the name of a toyline that could only exist in the 1970s. Don, Bill and Jac consisted of the titular heroes and their “each sold seperately” outfits and accessories. If you’ve […]

Palitoy Action Man 1979

While G.I. Joe was a fond memory for North American kids, he was living large in the UK under the guise of Action Man. Action Man was not only popular but he was outselling Star Wars action figures, which is no small feat.What differentiates the line from the G.I. Joe we knew as a kid […]

GI Joe Adventure Team Newsletter

Hasbro was pretty adept at marketing the G.I. Joe line to kids as evidenced by this 1974 newsletter sent to members of “The Adventure Team”. For a $1.50 you got all kinds of cool swag plus this newsletter, which was filled with stories and a pile of material lifted from the Hasbro catalog. Seeing this […]

Action Man greets his public

Hopping over to the UK today for this weekend’s mall appearance with shots from a 1979 appearance of Action Man in Blackpool. To those not in the know AM is the UK version of G.I. Joe, although Action Man had more of a paramilitary flavour and was wildly popular, in 1979 he was outselling Star […]

Bear Hugs From Space

I blogged about my fascination with the G.I. Joe intruder last year. I still don’t get why Hasbro thought an outer space cave man was a good first nemesis for G.I. Joe but I also can’t deny I’m kind of smitten with him. Above my newest cheap ebay score, a boxed UK version of Intruder. […]

Bullet Man Trading Card

The final card I did this go round, Bullet Man was one I really wanted to do because I have a lot of happy memories playing with him. I struggled finding the right image but eventually chose this one so I could shoe horn in my other favourite Joe toy of that era, the Capture […]

1974 Collegeville Costume Catalog

When it came to Halloween costumes, the two biggest names in the 70’s were Ben Cooper and Collegeville. If one didn’t have a specific license, the other surely did. In the mid seventies, Ben Cooper had a lock on some prosperous licenses namely The Universal Monsters and Superheroes from DC and Marvel houses. This left […]