Mattel Flash Gordon action figures

This is another toy line that I’m smitten with but just don’t have the money, space or time for. I especially covet that whacky inflatable rocket ship.  I’ll circle back to you someday my precious…. If you haven’t checked out the cartoon series this is based on, do so immediately!!!!! More on this:

Larami Toys 1981 Catalog

In 1981, Larami was celebrating it’s 20th year of bringing low cost licensed “Rack Toys” to children around the world. This year was no exception with licenses like the DC and Marvel comics Superheroes, Barbie, Fat Albert, Flash Gordon, Dick Tracy, Mighty Mouse and the ever present Popeye, Larami had something for any kid to […]

Gordon’s Alive! @ BifBangPow!

For me the most anticipated thing at Toy Fair 2015 was how the 3 3/4″ Flash Gordon line was going to turn out. I was elated to see BifBangPow had released this teaser image of the line a day early. They’ve really taken that retro feel and ran with it IMO, making some gorgeous figures […]

Flash Gordon Galaxy Aliens

These “Galaxy Aliens” are from the planet “RecyclusToyMoldus IV”. Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a limited edition 144 page book from the creator of Plaid Stallions. Order from us and get three free promotional post cards.

Flash Gordon and Bif Bang Pow! Team Up Again!

From the “Hell and Yes” department, my friends at Bif Bang Pow have announced that they are righting a toy wrong. Like a lot of people my age, I was permanently scarred by the fact that I could never find 3 3/4″ Flash Gordon figures to play along side my Star Wars and Black Hole […]

End cap of cheap joy

I’m super tired tonight, so here is an awesome store display of Larami goodies circa 1981.  I vividly remember that guy on the gun box. He kinda looked like my third grade teacher.  Rack Toys: Cheap, Crazed Playthings is a limited edition 144 page book from the creator of Plaid Stallions. Order from us and […]

Pod Stallions 11: Flash-Ahhhh!

Well, the subject of this episode can’t really be a surprise to anyone who has listened in the past.  Episode 11 is dedicated to Flash Gordon, not just the (wonderful) file from 1980 but the character itself and our first introductions to him, either from serial or the amazing Filmation animated series. We delve into […]

Galaxy Glow Putty

Collecting glow in the dark silly putty knockoffs could really be a thing, I think almost every major licensed property had a variation of this. Flash here seems very pleased to find this, now he can copy Beetle Bailey!

1980 Funstuf Catalog

Naming a toy company “Funstuf” is a pretty bold statement, luckily the company more than lived up to it’s namesake during the 1970s and 80s. During the late 1970s, the company was best known for it’s “Aniforms’ line of figures which were a unique concept that involved a rubber figure and an air pump. Funstuff […]