Pod Stallions 54: Movies of 1982

For our 54th show, we start with a brief (well for us) discussion about our thoughts on the newest actor to take the mantle of Doctor Who.  Then we dig deep into the movies released the summer of 1982. Some call it the greatest summer for movies and hey, a lot of these movies went […]

Grip Character Diecast Catalog

Click on the image to Enlarge. Eidai Grip diecast vehicles were produced in Japan during the 1970s and featured many popular TV licences not unlike Dinky and Corgi did in the United Kingdom. In fact, they shared many licenses like Gerry Anderson’s UFO (a personal favourite), Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet. They also (understandably) covered Japanese […]

Dinky Trek

Sometimes you find little gems in odd places, this shot from a German Toy Fair in the 70s shows two Dinky employees relieving boredom by having a Star Trek war. I love the sci fi stuff Dinky made in the 70s and should I ever get that money from my many frivolous lawsuits, I’m recreating the two […]

Dinky Space

This ad is from 1978, I find it funny that kids were playing with ships from Gerry Anderson’s (IMO amazing) UFO series a good seven years after it was cancelled. Those Eagles were also more fun than should be humanly allowed.

Eagle One by Dinky

Besides having a name that is instantly hilarious to young boys, Dinky also made diecast toys covered in all kinds of awesome. Take for example the Eagle One from Space:1999, this was diecast at it’s most brilliant and it was happily just one of the many things they turned out from the Gerry Anderson Stable. […]

Dinky Enterprise

Oh my, do I love this toy. What with it’s shooting disks, ejectable shuttle and the fact that it’s a toy first and not some franklin mint piece. Sometimes, I think I appreciate something like this more than an exact replica. More on Dinky Toys very soon…