5 Awesome Things on eBay this week- Dec 10

Martin Landau’s collection of Space:1999 toys– OK, I don’t what kind of pedigree you need but these are Martin Freaking Landau’s collection of Space:1999 toys. I have a book from Landau’s collection and it’s something I will always keep. I can’t tell you how cool it would be to own Commander Koenig’s Eagles but you […]

Denys Fisher Monster Factory

Sometimes I buy Monster toys and then totally forget about them in October, case in point this set. A wonderful “do it yourself” craft set from the UK that includes Frankenstein, the Wolfman and Dracula (the Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry of the monster world). What’s that you ask? Can we look inside Brain? Your wish […]

The Skull Machine

The Skull Machine sounds more like a Ted V Mikels film than it does a toy but it’s actually quite a neat concept from Deny Fisher UK (inventors of the Spirograph). Basically it’s a child’s first look at rotational molding, as the machine allows kids to make three different kinds of heads they can then […]

Super Size Bionic Woman

In 1977, the British Distributor of Kenner toys Denys Fisher, produced an 18″ tall version of Jaime Sommers and marketed more like a fashion doll. Pity they didn’t do a Steve as well. These little foreign variants are what drew me into toy collecting in the first place, I loved discovering what’s out there and […]

War of the Daleks

TOTALLY TRUE STORY: When i was 15 years old I found a copy of this game at a “Toys and Wheels” store at the mall in Canada. I don’t know how it got there but this store used to buy a lot of close out stock like Action Jackson uniforms and the like so maybe […]

Denys Fisher Cyborg

Not enough props can go out to what I think is the UK’s better kept secrets, originally a Japanese line called “Henshin Cyborg”, the clever monkeys at Denys Fisher took it, made it smaller and added a keen back story. I didn’t grow up in the UK, had no inkling it existed when I was […]

Bionic Bubble Bath

From the “Stuff I hadn’t seen before but now can’t live without” department comes this Six Million Dollar man bubble bath container from the UK. I guess in the 60s they called these “soakies”, I just call this thing awesome. Many thanks to Ebay Seller RetroToyBoy for the photo submission. More after the (Slow Motion) […]

Cyborg VS Muton

Another excuse for me to extoll the virtue of the Denys Fisher Cyborg line, there’s just something so appealing about see through action figures, wish I could elaborate on that further. This is one of those figure lines that never made it to North America, lucky brits… For more drooling, check out the 1977 Denys […]

1977 Denys Fisher Cyborg Catalog

“On a doom laden day 2250 the Trembling Earth came face to face with the holocaust! The pernicious plan of direful destruction launched by the MUTON- an alien master- from the death black reachs of space!”In the mid seventies, UK Toy Maker (and the inventor of Spiro-Graph) Denys Fisher took a Japanese Toy called Henshin […]

Doctor Who Trading Card

Card #24 is the Densy Fisher Doctor Who line, it may seem weird to do a Mego line here considering the Megomuseum cards but I’m not sure when we’re ever going to get around to this line and me being a monster fan, just had to do it. I consider it a foreign mego subset. […]