War is fun!

This Official Sgt Rock Stunt Cycle may be one of the last toys AHI released before they folded from Remco. The majority of the AHI Rock line was derived from Batman items they created a decade earlier. Check out our upcoming book!

Sleep in the golden age

These awesome bed sheets depicting nothing but classic golden age DC characters were sold in Canada during the early 1970s. It’s one of the things I keep my eyes open for at thrift stores as they are highly collectible. I’ve even found a set of the curtains before, whatever kid had them, he sure liked […]

Nerd Therapy Session: Towel Redemption

tio This one takes place in 1977 and involves vacationing, towels, a slightly embarrassing confession and I guess an overall  reluctance to grow up. Go figure on the last one…. More after the jump: On Christmas morning 1977, my parents woke me up at 4am and threw me (and my newly acquired Oscar Goldman doll plus […]

WW2 parachuting team up

Behold the very last parachuting AHI figure ever made (at least I think it is, although I’m still convinced there are Mighty Crusaders ones out there) Sgt. Rock, based on the DC comic series. AHI rolled out a lot of old favourites like the Batplane and the motorcycle toy for Sgt. Rock. Their other company […]

Justice Weague of Amewica

The super babies may be the first clue in my young life that I was something of a nerd. Upon first sight of them as a child,  I was just a little bothered by Superman’s blonde curly locks.

Aquaman and his queen visit the surface world

Another wonderful contribution from Matt S, this time it’s the King of the Sea himself Aquaman and his super sexy and under utilized wife Mera performing appropriate water ski stunts for the crowd at Sea World. When you think about it, this really should have been his show…. And if you have anything to add, […]

Comic Hero Kites

This is a new one to me, these Comic Hero kites from Remco were made in 1971, which was an odd year to be making Superhero merchandise seeing it was pretty close to the late 60s explosion. There are some pretty interesting things to notice about this line, first is the absence of Aquaman ( […]

Scene from the new Green Lantern Movie

Ok, apologies for the misleading title but wouldn’t the new Green Lantern movie be so much better if it had a scene where Ryan Reynolds leads the entire Justice League to victory via water skis? Hunh? Many, many thanks to Matt S for these fab pictures, more to come. And if you have anything to […]

Nasta Toys for 1980

We have a new company listing into the Gallery of Racktoys today with the addition of NASTALike a lot of it’s counterparts in the late 1970/early 1980s, Nasta was rack toy manufacturer creating products based on the DC and Marvel Superheroes brands, Barbie and Hanna Barberra characters.What sets them apart are their products, for the […]