Toy-Ventures: Massive Star Wars Kenner Haul!

Toy-Ventures returns with a dream find of vintage toys as we recently were asked to look at a childhood toy collection that nobody wanted. What we found was a treasure trove of Kenner Star Wars, Fisher Price Adventure People, Mego Buck Rogers and so much more!   Watch Toy-Ventures on YouTube here

Pod Stallions 85: Clash of the Titans!

RELEASE THE KRAKEN! For this week’s show, our third chair is illustrator, writer, and licensed property brand manager Josh Izzo ( and while our original intent was a Ray Harryhausen tribute, we ended mainly talking about Clash of the Titans so we can do more Harryhausen episodes. LISTEN TO THE MP3 HERE You can listen […]

Iron On Monday

Happy Monday, here are two wonderful T-Shirt Iron Ons from my friend Corey’s collection, I’d happily wear both of these to work…. Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Clash of the Titans Inflatable Pegasus

  Thanks to my new pal Uzay Bluestar, I have another entry in “never seen it before” category.  Inflatable toys are sometimes the wild west in terms of information(not unlike rack toys) so it’s not surprising that I didn’t know this existed but I’m happy it does. Does anyone recognize that logo? Pegasus has the […]

Costume Spotlight: Calibos

Today’s costume spotlight is a personal favourite, Calibos, the twisted demi God from Clash of the Titans. When Clash came out I was ten years old, a Harryhausen fan and deeply interested in Greek mythology, making me the target market for all the different toys and cereal tie ins (I think Sugar Crisp gave away […]

Release the birthday Kraken!

Christopher Elam of the great blog OWARI submitted this great bit of 1981, this being his ninth birthday he has received the Mattel Kraken. Being of a similiar age, I wax fondly at those blockbusters that diverted our attention from Star Wars, albeit briefly…

Mattel Clash of the Titans Catalog

Mattel hoped that they ahd the next Star Wars with Ray Harryhausen’s second trip into Greek Mythology in 1981’s “Clash of the Titans” . While the film was a hit at the box office, it somehow didn’t carry over to the toy shelves. Mattel released only one wave of figures and cancelled other merchandise based […]

Release the Kraken!

The unintentional theme to this week seems to be “Mattel toys my mom refused to buy me”. Clash of the Titans was at least a compromise, I was allowed to have Perseus and Thallo but not the uber cool Calibos or Charon because as my mum daintily put it “They look like hell!”