5 Awesome Things on eBay

Mystery Hulk Figure- This thing isn’t a bootleg as it’s marked Marvel and honestly, my best guess is it came from something like a Mold-A-Rama type machine. Anyone know what this is? It’s bugging me.     Golodarak Cosmic Station – Goldorak or Grendizer as it’s known in Japan got a toy line in France […]

Spider-Man from France

I love exclusives like this 10″ action figure that seems to have only been available in Japan and France. For a more detailed look at this guy, check out this photo review we did a few years ago… Like our Facebook Page Check out our Instagram Get the expanded digital edition of Rack Toys here.

Superheroes: European Style

My pal Eddie sent me this wonderful page from France yesterday and it’s all the reasons I collect catalogs, a wonderful smattering of what Superhero toys were available in 1977. A little Mego, some AHI rack toys and a whole bunch of cool as hell stuff we never saw like the Goldarak Action figures! I love […]

Battle of the Planets Phoenix by Ceji Arbois

Ever see something vintage for the first time and just “Oh I have to have this”. That happened to me last month and the Ebay Gods smiled on me that I got it within my budget (that never happens). This is a vintage Battle of the Planets Phoenix that was produced in France in 1980 […]

Captain Harlock Action Figure

In France, they released this amazing Captain Harlock doll using a 12″ GI Joe body. These were also sold in Quebec, I had one of these in 1987, paid a whopping ten bucks for it. One of my toy collecting mentors/friends really wanted it, he was a great guy so I traded it to him […]