5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

Super Fly promo balloon (eBay Link) – A lot of 70s so called “Blaxploitation” movies were built on their soundtracks, which would be released prior to the movie. Those fantastic records would draw more attention to the film and well, Curtix Mayfield’s Superfly was a massive album. Space:1999 Illco Radio (eBay Link) — I had […]

5 Awesome Things on eBay this week

EBAY LINK Popy Kamen Rider Stronger Challenge Machine Figure + Kabutoro 1975 Evel Knievel– We covered the Challenge Machines in Toy-Ventures Issue 3, they’re Japanese versions of Evel Knievel but featuring Japanese Superheroes. I want all of these, real, real bad.   EBAY LINK M*A*S*H HEAD QUARTERS-  I love Rack Toys and M*A*S*H didn’t go […]

Battle of the Planets Helmet

I seriously was trying to swear off Battle of the Planets merchandise after finding this and more importantly this in the previous few months. However, a well meaning friend of mine forwarded me an auction and it was a) Super Cool and b) TWENTY MINUTES FROM MY FREAKING HOUSE. I’m not made of stone, more […]

Battle of the Planets by Jecsan

Ever since I found this guy sitting at the cash register of Suspect Video on Queen and talked the manager out of it (good thing too because the store sadly burned down not long after) I’ve been wondering what the heck he was. I by and large just assumed a knock off figure sold in […]

Battle of the Planets Tricycle

Well, my pal Dave over at ToyNerd (go check it out, I’ll wait) succeeded in two things 1) Showing me something I’ve never seen before and 2) Totally making me want a girl’s bicycle! Follow me after the jump for this awesome Battle of the Planets piece. Seeing as Princess rode a three wheeled bicycle this […]

Battle of the Planets Phoenix by Ceji Arbois

Ever see something vintage for the first time and just “Oh I have to have this”. That happened to me last month and the Ebay Gods smiled on me that I got it within my budget (that never happens). This is a vintage Battle of the Planets Phoenix that was produced in France in 1980 […]

Battle of the Planets by Ceji Arbois

I’ve been on kind of a Battle of the Planets jag these past few weeks and here’s one of my favourites, the 3 3/4″ action figure line. Originally made by Popy Japan, these figures were later sold in Europe in sets or on individual cards by companies like Ceji Arbois and Jecsan. They even added […]

Battle of the Planets Feathers

Another cool Rack Toy for Battle of the Planets ( Gatchaman) that we never got in North America. Although this toy wouldn’t have made much sense to us, as most of the scenes of Jason (Condor Joe in Japan) stabbing goons with his steel quill feathers were by and large cut from the show. But […]

Battle of the Planets Book and Record Set

While packing up this month, i found this wonderful piece that belongs to my wife. It’s a book and record set from France very similar to our Power Records or I guess the Disney book and records. Canada has a large French population so many books, records and toys native to France were available here. […]