Pod Stallions Episode 30: Model Kits

This month sees us discussing the days of slapping paint everywhere and getting a l’il high off glue. Model kits has us discussing Aurora, Addar, MPC, fundimensions and many other kit manufacturers long gone. Subjects include Sweathogs, the Fonz, Planet of the Apes, Jaws, Doctor Who, Gerry Anderson, Universal Monsters, Dark Shadows, Star Trek and […]

Here come the Microbots

No that’s not a misspelling, six years before Mego launched Micronauts, Kenner had tried their luck with the Microbots, a series of futuristic robots who could build their own environments. They even had their own (one shot) comic book by Gold Key! Sadly, the line didn’t take off and was quickly forgotten, the toys themselves are […]

Bat Plane Memories

New to the AHI Batman Rack Toys Gallery is this fun little plane which in 1976, caused my grandmother much duress. As a kid, I was often baby sat by her on Saturdays while she worked in her store, this usually meant a trip to Woolco and a cheap “shut up toy” of this ilk. Upon buying this very toy, I […]

Checking out ‘Zilla

This is the Mattel booth at a regional toyfair where the newest thing is the Mattel Shogun Warriors Godzilla doll. In the background I can see more Shogun Warriors and the Galactica Logo. Call me a nerd but I really dig on this vintage toy industry insider stuff.

Rom Com

I find it really funny that ROM’s tie in comic book would prove to be the more popular item and actually the thing folks remember more than the toy line. I doubt either gentlemen at this meeting thought that would be the case at the time.   For more ROM visit the 1979 Parker Brothers Electronics […]

The Super Steins!

No it’s not the story of a Jewish family given strange powers after an accidental dose of Gamma radiation (well, not until I sell that screenplay) but just a series of cool super hero merch from the mid seventies boom: Ah the man of steel, I need this for better beer consumption. Classic Adams Batman, […]

PlaidStallions First Sponsor : Odeon Toys

I’m very pleased/totally surprised to have my first corporate sponsor here at PlaidStallions, the good people at Odeon Toys. It’s an odd story how this came to be and goes to show you how fate works in funny ways. A couple of months back I won this catalog on Ebay, I’d never heard of Odeon […]

A Prehistoric Display

My pal Ray Miller sent over these cool shots of his new display of Aurora Prehistoric Scenes model kits at the Kruger St Toy and Train Museum in Wheeling West Virginia.As featured here before, Ray has one of the premiere collections of these kits including rare prototypes like this beauftiul build up of the giant […]