1979 Craftmaster Poster Art Catalog

Poster and marker sets were one of my favourite ways to spend an afternoon as a kid (cause that’s about how long the markers would last). I also recently have become invested in tracking down all the ones I had as a kid. Craftmaster had all the best licenses in the late 70s which included […]

Battlestar Galactica Poster Art

Please give a warm welcome to my latest obsession, 70s poster art sets. As a young lad I ruined many of these with my lack of both talent and patience. I’ve been secretly admiring these on Ebay until one bout of sleeplessness resulted in a surprise parcel in the form of this set and it […]

Poster Art Center

There is no doubt in my mind that I would have spent all of my pocket money on one of these as a kid. It’s just what one? I’m not ashamed to admit even Ziggy was a contender for me as a kid.

Trek Doodles

I really miss poster art sets, I’m sure they still exist but I’m more or less referring to the days of doing them. These Star Trek sets by Open Door Enterprises bring back some strong happy memories, below are the two sets that they offered for much of the 1970s. Man, that “Star Trek lives” […]

Artsy Phartsy

As kitsch as those owls are, there is something about them that brings me some sort of comfort and as a side bonus, people will think I’m a fancy millionaire who paid a lot of money for them.