I love Addar Planet of the Apes model kits!

For this Friday’s feature, I get kind of personal and explain my love for Planet of the Apes model kits and how they made me the (largely unemployable) man I am today. Join me after the jump! Recently, I spied a lot of Addar Planet of the Apes model kits on Hakes (shop there!). Finances weren’t […]

Apes by the Truck Load

1974 saw the deluge of Apechandise as evidenced by this great newspaper ad, with the cancellation of the series in 1975 would see this stuff go on clearance. When I started toy collecting in the early eighties, you could find discounted Apes merchandise in almost every convience store in Toronto, it was a good time […]

Snap Together Superheroes

These kits by Aurora, Addar and AMT pretty much sum up the early seventies for me, Superheroes, Planet of the Apes and Star Trek. I had a lot of these even though I really couldn’t build or paint them worth a damn. The Aurora Superhero kits became impromptu action figures when I didn’t have the […]