El Hombre Lobo paperback

As a life long fan of the films of Paul Naschy and especially his character Waldemar Daninsky AKA El Hombre Lobo.  Other than movie posters, I never thought there was any merchandise of any sortm until I spied this in a shop. Somebody actually novelised “The Werewolf Vs The Vampire Woman” and I owe them many, […]

A Tribute to Bad 70’s Fashion

Who doesn’t love a clip show? After more than a year and a half of blogging about polyester, it seemed fitting to put together a “Greatest Hits” packageof some of the bigger fashion attrocities of the 1970’s. Thanks of course, to the good catalogs at Aldens, JC Penney, Sears and Wards.So check out the best […]

Kenner Stretch X Ray Commercial

This commercial is predictably from the DVD I made last month and is possibly one of my favourites. I don’t remember Stretch X Ray as a kid but as an adult collector, I must have had five of these. I couldn’t pass him up! Stretch Monster on the other hand, is the one that always […]

Cylons that don’t look good in a dress

Although Battlestar Galactica is a hit show nowadays, the series that had the better toys was the original. So take a journey back to when Cylons were men in suits, and Starbuk was a dude to the cool toys that got made and the cooler ones that didn’t.

GI Joe VS the Spider

Skydive to Danger is to me the coolest GI Joe set ever and not just because I had it as a kid. The scenario of Joe parachuting into the Web of a cool giant Spider to me, has the perfect elements of childhood, a dose of reality and a big heaping hand of kid logic.My […]

A look at a Smelly Old Lingerie Catalog…

Oooh La! La! A weird treat today, a disco era Lingerie Catalog complete with odd outfits, weird hair and maybe just a bit of Le Sexy? A few of my favourites below:“The high council demands you disrobe now!” Nice shoulders!“The Mavis”, just in case you wondered what your Aunt who drinks a box of wine […]