Galoob A Team Catalog

In 1984, Galoob toys launched an exciting line of toys based one of the bigger surprise hits of the decade. The A Team was a loud, fun and somewhat cartoony adventure show that had adults laughing and children everywhere captivated. It makes perfect sense that this motely crew would become part of a merchandising phenomenon. […]

Mattel Secret Wars Catalog

In the early 1980s, Toy giant Mego fell and released both the Marvel and DC superheroes licenses for the first time in over a decade. This was also the first time the action figure license was seperated between companies. Kenner took the DC heroes and released Super Powers while Mattel scooped up the Marvel heroes […]

Galoob Mr. T Catalog

In the early 1980s, a gentle, gold chained covered giant came into our households and told us to read the bible and drink our milk and in doing so, captured our hearts. Mr. T was exactly what Reagan era America was looking for, a straight laced tough guy whose look hinted at rebellion. The ensuing […]

The Last Star Fighter Action Figure Line

Seeing as the film was released on Blue Ray and DVD this week, I thought it would be fun/sad to take a look at the action figures we got screwed out of when the film was in theatres. As the Star Wars franchise started to slow down with the finality of “Return of the Jedi”, […]

Made from the Strangest Stuff on Earth

We’re jetting forward to 1984 to take a look at Manglors, a rather unique toy offering from Ideal Toys. Manglors weren’t action figures (they had no articulation) but rather a new kind of concept, made of a spongy material that stretched and apparently could be reattached. Every character in the line seemed to be a […]