The Humble Origins of Kenner Star Wars Part 2

Just a  follow up to last week’s post about the late start that Star Wars got toy wise. In the very same toy trade magazine that nonchalantly showcased the photo of Lucas meeting with Kenner execs had this impressive add from Ideal at the very front. Ideal invaded alright, the company worked very fast to […]

The Humble Origins of Kenner Star Wars

I’ve been digging around in vintage Toy Trade publications this past month and let me tell you, 1977 was not prepared for what hit it. Above is a piece from the summer of 1977 showing George Lucas and Gary Kurtz visiting Kenner, it’s pretty bland and certainly doesn’t give the impression that the whole game […]

Giant Sized Fisher Price Sesame Street Clubhouse

In1977, Fisher Price promoted the Little People Sesame Street Clubhouse by creating a gigantice model of it. The happy memories I had playing with this toy are only slightly shadowed by the original Sesame Street set by FP. I look at this thing and it cheers me up, always will. I need to know if this […]

Oscar Goldman visits Kenner (gets briefcase)

OK, so apparently actor Richard Anderson visited Kenner headquarters in 1977 and they presented him with a life sized version of Oscar Goldman’s exploding briefcase! So that means, that (hopefully) in Richard Anderson’s house, he has a 1/1 scale version of one of the greatest action figure accessories ever made. I simply have to know where this is, I […]

The Amazing Spider-Watch

It doesn’t look like much but this would have been a proxy web shooter to me as a kid and probably gotten days of use until it fell apart….  Get our book on Rack Toys and other goodies at our online store Our toy wantlist

Pod Stallions Epsiode 27b: The Krofft Super Show (Part 2)

Seeing as we were unceremoniously cut off from finishing last month’s show, Jason and myself decided to cut a “mini-sode” in addition to our regular show (which debuts next Friday) to finish what we started. We pick up on “Pink Lady and Jeff” talk about the Bay City Rollers, briefly touch on DC Follies and […]