Super Space Theatre Sales Kit

Super Space Theatre Sales Kit

In the early 1980s, ITC Entertainment took their back catalog of (mainly) Gerry Anderson TV programs and edited them into a series of Television movies for the growing Cable TV market. 

Dubbed “Super Space Theatre” these 14 movies were culled together from episodes of “Space:1999“, “UFO“, “Thunderbirds“, “Stingray“, “Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons” and the non Anderson property “The Champions” into new properties.

Apparently it’s the year 2100 in this movie.

This package of (sometimes curiously edited) films was highly influential on yours truly, I ruined my sleep pattern trying to watch all of these as a ten year old and in turn, started to seek out merchandise based on these forgotten shows.

 This site owes a great debt to the wonderful recycling of Super Space Theater, so this sales kit containing sell sheets for all the films is truly a grail for me . I’ve also included some photos of my collection of SST VHS tapes.

Hope you enjoy!

Check out Super Space Theater here.

And hey, if you want some more Gerry Anderson, listen to our special podcast about him!

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  • Neal P on February 26, 2016

    In the early 80s, Showtime aired the Supermarionation movies as part of their weekday afternoon children's programming. I was in high school at the time, but I would race home from school and watch these movies because I hadn't seen Thunderbirds or Captain Scarlet since I was a little kid. It was also fun to see Stingray, which was a pretty hazy memory for me from the 60s, and Joe 90, which was completely new to me.

  • Plaidstallions on February 26, 2016

    I don't know if I've talked about this but I actually watched that joe 90 movie in a derpartment store in the mall when I was 14. I had never seen it and this was pre VCR for me, so I just sat on a couch.

  • J_D_La_Rue_67 on February 27, 2016

    As a little kid, I used to watch UFO's compilation films in movie theatres, in the early 70's…
    We had B/W tv back then, so that was the only chance to watch them in colors!

    I remember when the alien who actually helped Col. Foster when they were stranded on the moon, was killed by SHADO rescuers…

    The audience exploded with a loud "Sons of a bitch!". First time I heard it.

  • Darren Hayward on March 28, 2021

    The 2 Space 1999 movies which were later added to the Super Space Theater package in 1982/83 Destination Moonbase Alpha 1978 and Alien Attack 1979 were put together in the UK head office for the intention for those 2 to have a Worldwide cinema release hence the cinema poster style not ITC New York

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