Star. Team Day

Star. Team Day

I found this great promotional piece for Ideal’s Star Team relaunch in the 1970s, I really haven’t written much about these in years so I think they deserve some fanfare.

While Kenner was running around selling empty boxes and promises to kids for Christmas, Ideal resurrected an old brand used to market roll play space toys in the late 60s, dusted off some old molds and viola, they rushed some space toys to market.

They even released their own promotional marvel comic as mentioned above, I’ve scanned the book if you’d like to see it here.

The prototype Star Team cast.

Of course, the famous story is Lucasfilm sued Ideal but lost because all of the Star Team stuff was made prior to Star Wars. The Zeroids was a toy line from the late 1960s, Knight of Darkness utilized a Captain Action body and other parts, it’s a rich tapestry.

While Ideal won, Star Team had a brief two year run before Kenner unleashed so much Star Wars goodness on us, our kids were born knowing who Chewbacca was….

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