Spider Man takes on the Knight of Darkness?

Spider Man takes on the Knight of Darkness?

Today’s Mall Appearance shot comes from Patrick, who also added a great story of the day he got it, I’ll let him tell it, budding in of course…

“It was a beautiful Saturday in Woodbridge Center Mall, Woodbrdge, New Jersey. It was an open area (which exists to this day) in the JC Penney wing. The mall had two levels to it, and the “Cityscape” set was on the lower level. The jazzy “Spider-Man” TV theme began to play…and a very brave stunt-actor decended from the upper level courtesy of a “web-ladder”.

The. Place. Came. UNGLUED!!!!!!

I know, I was one of the people screaming. This *was* Spidey, as far as I was (heck, still AM) concerned. One of your readers mentioned a Spidey appearance being received like the Beatles @ Shea Stadium…I can relate!

And Spidey’s Villian du jour? Doc Ock? Green Goblin? Vulture? Electro? Wrong….remember, this was 1977 and a certain movie was all the rage back then. Spidey’s foe looked like Ideal Toys’ Knight of Darkness from Space Team (you never forget a Darth Vader knockoff)…the voice over sounded like a ham talking into a coffee can: “Ha-ha! I will destroy the city, and Spider-Man cannot stop me…ha-ha!, etc.” …and the finale was a “Lightsaber” battle, with Spidey webbing the ‘Knight up, another day saved, game over.

My mom and sister asked me if I wanted a picture with Spidey, which, to their surprise, I eagerly agreed to. That little paper sleeve (autographed!) with the attached picture is THE childhood treasure of my life. I have it to this day (I am 39 – 1/3). Note that I have an X-wing fighter pendant and a Star Trek ‘Scotty’ shirt (note the collar)…so I began my journey with sci-fi at a VERY early age. Thanks Patrick for the great story and if anybody out there has shots of Spider-Man fighting the Knight of Darkness, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH WITH ME. I need to see this spectacle for myself.
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