Spider-Man shopping spree!

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  • Alphacentaurian on December 20, 2015

    That woulds be awesome.

    One wonders if they allowed any of these Spideys to talk, or if they had to keep shut, Electric Company style?

  • Anonymous on January 6, 2016

    This kid either grew up to be a business tycoon or his parents already were. Notice how he's grabbed multiple boxes of the same telescope and other high-ticket items. This isn't a lucky boy living out a dream prize, this is a shrewd young man who's going to flip that merchandise in the local paper's classified ads and walk away with enough cash to buy a decent used car.

  • Jenn on February 16, 2016

    I would have been all over the electronics and high end stuff. Action figures and stuffed animals are for amateurs. 3 minute shopping spree=used car and spending money!

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