Sesame Street Records and Finger Puppets

Sesame Street Records and Finger Puppets

Kind of a mash up today, I had two great topics and just decided to put them together, first is the remanents of my Sesame Street Record collection, I swear my mom bought every single one of these, here are some of my favourite covers.

sesame street monsters

This Monster cover has to be my favourite, just the colours alone make it something I’d display on my wall (if i had the luxury of wall space)

sesame street cast members
I like this cast record, I wonder if as a kid I realized that it was “Old Gordon” on the cover?

grover sings the blues
Grover Sings the Blues, the “Framptons Come Alive” for the playground set

sesame street finger puppets
Lastly I wanted to add these cool Sesame Street Finger puppets, I have a friend who collects these (Hi Scott!) and he knows way more about these things than i do. There are tons of characters and an exhaustive supply of packaging variants. More on these later, trust me….
Hope you’ve liked Sesame Street Week, if you did, you’re in luck. I have enough material to start my own Sesame blog! Thanks for reading.

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  • Angie & Tyson on March 28, 2007

    I still ahave the Monsters album and Grover sings the blues… sigh, memories.

  • James on July 30, 2007

    i had most of those puppets. the plastic would harden and they’d crack. also, the hair on bert and ernie was odd–borderline strange.

    we found quite early that it was easy to make ernie look like hitler.

    ah. memories.

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